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15 years sharing a vision

15 years sharing a vision

Since the very beginning Ecotic team has worked tirelessly in defending the environment and promoting the circular economy, which will be vital to achieving a sustainable production and development model that has a positive effect on the planet and all the people who live in it.

Over these first 15 years we have been accompanied by many people who have formed part of the Foundation and who have done some excellent work and committed themselves to this shared project.

Companies and organisations who put their trust in us to fulfil their environmental responsibilities and who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the environment.

Partners and suppliers with whom we have shared values such as professionalism and the ability to work as a team, always in order to offer the best possible service and contribute to environmental sustainability in everything we do.

Today, all of us who have been committed to the Ecotic project can take a look back and feel proud about all the goals we have reached and be thankful to have been able to work with all the people who have accompanied us on this journey. A huge THANK YOU to all of them.

But even more importantly, we can look forward to the exciting path that lies ahead of us. Because we are convinced that the best is yet to come.


Tons of WEEE
Household and professional

314.244 tons

Large household appliances

251.360 tons

TV and monitors

246.094 tons

Temperature exchange equipment

130.959 tons

Other WEEE and computers

4.100 tons



Tonnes of CO2 equivalent
in greenhouse gas emissions avoided

+ 436.000 iron tonnes

60 Eiffel Towers

+ 26.000 copper tonnes

290 Statues of Liberty

+ 20.000 tons of aluminium

1.331.625.065 Cans

Equivalent to all those sold in Spain in 2 months

Estimated CO2 equivalent and recovered materials figures calculated with the tool developed by WEEE Forum for use by its partners for communication purposes.