2. Ecotic foundation

15 years of joint effort for a sustainable future

“Since our beginning in 2005, Ecotic has remained committed to meeting the challenges of a constantly changing sector that is destined to be a pillar of transition towards the circular economy that guarantees the sustainability of the environment and the economy”

Since the Ecotic Foundation was set up on March 7, 2005 as a non-profit organisation supported by the main companies in the consumer electronics sector, we have been evolving and adapting to the new needs and challenges of a sector in constant transformation, in order to best meet the challenges that the dizzying evolution of technology entails at environmental level.

Over these 15 years we have been working tirelessly in defence of the environment, sustainable development and the promotion of the circular economy, via both the optimum management of waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) of our member companies and organisations and the sensitisation and training of distributors and users of electric and electronic equipment.

Our work has always been guided by our founding purpose and by our unwavering commitment to values such as professionalism, efficiency, innovation and transparency, which have consolidated Ecotic as a benchmark in the exciting electronics recycling and circular economy sector, not just at national level but throughout Europe.

Waste Management

Ecotic’s main line of activity is the financing and management of waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) through our Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO), ensuring that it is carried out with all environmental guarantees.

For this purpose, we have authorisation at national level for the management of all categories of WEEE, developing and managing the systems for collecting, treating and controlling the waste of our members, and ensuring that they comply with all their responsibilities and legal obligations.

Research and Training

At Ecotic we carry out studies and research both nationally and internationally on the best waste collection, treatment and control systems, with the aim of promoting the development of good practices and the continuous improvement of recovery and recycling systems.

We also promote training activities aimed at manufacturers, distributors and installers of electric and electronic equipment on the correct environmental management of WEEE, which we regularly promote in collaboration with the main professional associations of installers and distributors nationwide.

Education and Awareness

Information and awareness initiatives, aimed at both the general public and specific professional groups, are another of our important areas of action promoting the defence of the environment and sustainable development.

For this purpose, we develop our own campaigns and collaborate in joint initiatives with other organisations to promote knowledge about the proper management of WEEE and the importance of applying a resource-efficient circular economy model.

The Ecotic team

Key to Ecotic’s consolidation has been its biggest asset: the talent and attitude of the best professionals. A great team that does its best every day to make Ecotic a strategic partner providing an added value to our members, through its capacity for teamwork, innovation, anticipation to challenges and, above all, its commitment to the environment.

Projects and Companies Department

Its functions include market monitoring and members’ affiliation and loyalty. It also manages technical projects, the promotion of communication campaigns, training activities and participation in national and international forums.

Operations Department

Dedicated to the organisation, control and monitoring of the logistics and treatment of WEEE.It is the team responsible for negotiating contracts and agreements with distributors, operators and treatment plants, as well as authorisations and relations with the Autonomous Communities and local authorities.

Financial Department

Responsible for the coordination and control of the financial and administrative affairs, it is responsible for informing the Board of Trustees and the governing body for decision-making purposes, and for informing externally on aspects of  legal nature and about commitments with public bodies.

The Ecotic board of trustees

Carrying out our work and meeting our founding purpose would not be possible without the support of the main companies in the consumer electronics sector represented on our Board of Trustees and who share our commitment to defending the environment and promoting the circular economy.

These companies exercise responsibility, through their representatives on the Board, approving the management plans and action programmes, establishing  criteria for the constitution of new sectors of activity, and defining the general guidelines for the allocation and application of  available funds.

Jaime Corderas

(Acting President 1st Vice President)

Pablo Enríquez

(2nd Vice President)

Iván Martín

(3rd Vice President)

Yong Bum Koo – Begoña Villa

José Francisco Sánchez

Ignacio Fraile Coca

Almudena Rodríguez

Laura Salcedo

Joan Enric Català

Josep Tort

Josep Maria Calvo

Alberto Barón

International vision

Although our main activity is confined to the national market, as relevant players in the electronic recycling sector we cannot ignore the evolution of the regulation of WEEE management at an international level or the new needs arising as a result.

With this vision, at Ecotic we have reinforced our commitment to be active at European level, both to provide added value to our members and to contribute to the regulatory and operational development of WEEE in Europe as a whole.

WEEE Europe started operating in 2015, with Ecotic as a founding member responsible for covering the Spanish market, and with Andreu Vilà, Ecotic’s managing director, as a member of its Board of Directors.

This joint venture based in Munich (Germany) offers its services to companies in the European electric and electronics industry, advising them on their responsibilities and offering a one-stop-shop approach to managing WEEE.

Through this company we are in the privileged position of being able to provide added value to our member producers beyond our borders, and to offer a global solution at European level for the management of WEEE, cells and batteries.

More information at www.weee-europe.com

We are active members of WEEE Forum, the main international association of WEEE recovery and recycling systems that currently has 45 associated organisations, being Andreu Vilà a member of the Board of Directors.

In this organisation we work to improve the management of WEEE at an international level, advocating for the establishment of realistic objectives sensitive to the market context and for the extension of Extended Producer Responsibility to all the stakeholders in the WEEE chain as the only way to achieve them.

More information at www.weee-forum.org